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Professional Coaching In Emotional Intelligence

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Key Leadership Skills for Organizational Effectiveness

HR Directors and Senior Executives face a daunting task when surveying the field of emotional intelligence (EI). There are many different models available, and with so much hyperbole and buzz around emotional intelligence, it's challenging to separate the wheat from the chaff. How does an executive program sponsor or a training director recognize and choose an EI development program that will effectively address their company's needs, be cost effective, provide a measurable ROI, and produce long-term results that meet or exceed their corporate objectives?

I specialize in the development of emotional intelligence (EI) programs tied to specific corporate goals for increasing leadership skills, reducing conflict, increasing retention rates, increasing innovation and maximizing productivity. These EI programs are easily customized for individual senior executives as well as for entire executive teams, managers and other leadership groups.

Emotionally Intelligent (high-EI) people become accomplished leaders who are self-motivated, focused, productive and collaborative. They earn respect easily, and successfully rally others to cooperate in attaining corporate goals. Research has shown that emotional intelligence accounts for as much as 36% of the variance between average managers and highly successful leaders.

Interpersonal Skills are the Key to Leadership Success

A widely circulated report in the Harvard Business Review reveals that two out of every five new CEOs fail within their first 18 months on the job. The study of 5,247 hiring managers, conducted by Leadership IQ, further discloses that there is an equally alarming failure rate among newly hired employees from the executive ranks through those of middle management.

According to the report, of the survey respondents that collectively hired more than 20,000 employees during the three-year research period, 46% of newly hired employees failed within 18 months, while only 19% achieved certain success. The study further found that 26% of new hires fail because they can't accept feedback, 23% cannot understand and manage emotions, 17% lack the drive to succeed, 15% have the wrong temperament for the job, and 11% lack key skills.

Overall, the primary reason for failure was attributed to poor interpersonal skills, which 82% of hiring managers admit to having overlooked in the hiring process.

Employee committment and engagement is directly correlated to the
degree of emotionally intelligent behavior demonstrated by leadership.

What do highly succesful leaders all have in common? They demonstrate exceptionally effective interpersonal skills. Above and beyond their technical expertise, they are adept at positively influencing other people. In the workplace this means perceiving, understanding and communicating effectively about the thoughts and feelings of others, as well as understanding the underlying motivations behind those thoughts and feelings, giving and receiving effective feedback, and enrolling people in doing what needs to be done with minimal stress, conflict, and resistance.

As a result, high EI leaders create:

  • More cooperation between managers
  • Motivated staff and employees
  • More effective decision-making
  • Increased buy-in
  • More innovation and agile adaptation
  • Higher retention rates
  • Greater productivity

How would an EI program work for me or for my company?

Starting with the Genos 360 EI assessments, we acquire accurate data about the current status of behaviors and relationships for you and/or your management teams. Based on that data, we design a leadership skill development program specific to your needs, goals and objectives, and customized for each individual in your team. We then deliver a comprehensive executive coaching program that will help everyone adjust their behaviors to achieve higher EI company-wide.

After the EI coaching program is complete (about 3 to 6 months), we then apply the Genos 360 EI assessment again, using the same rater population as in the initial assessment. This gives us measurability and accountability in determining the effectiveness of the program, what worked well, and where additional development would be useful.

What does a High-EI Workplace look like?

The high-EI workplace supports and fosters connection, responsibility, integrity, and authenticity The leaders in these workplaces model and encourage relationships based in trust, respect, and dignity. People consistently behave in ways that are appropriate, professional and effective. As a result, the high-EI workplace is one in which people enjoy a comfortable work environment, embrace the company's values, cooperate willingly, skillfully resolve conflicts and adapt to change with minimal disruption in productivity. These relationship dynamics create the context for new conversations in the workplace.

Executive Coaching For Emotional Intelligence Development

As stated above, research has shown that EI accounts for as much as 36% of the variance in leadership success. We have developed this program specifically for individual executives and management teams who want to improve their transformational leadership skills and be more effective in the workplace. We begin this important work by building a foundation with emotional intelligence.

The 4 Month Program:

  • 90 minute complimentary intake interview to determine your needs, goals, objectives, intentions
  • Foundation Session
  • Initial Genos 360 EI assessment with 15-20 raters
    (20 minutes, completed online)
  • 90 minute assessment debriefing session (per participant if working with teams)
  • 90 minute executive coaching and EI developmental strategy session per week
    (for a total of 12 sessions before second assessment including initial assessment debrief)
  • Post-coaching Genos 360 EI re-assessment with 15-20 raters
    (20 minutes, completed online, using the same raters as the initial assessment)
  • 90 minute re-assessment debriefing session
  • Two additional 90 minute EI coaching and developmental strategy sessions
  • 90 minute program evaluation and ongoing strategy session
    (for a grand total of 16 90-minute sessions over the entire program)

Again and again, we have all seen various developmental programs fail in the workplace because there is insufficient follow-up. Some high-powered, charismatic consultant or trainer comes into the company, delivers a terrific one or two-day workshop, and then leaves. Everyone gets a buzz that lasts a week or two and then it's back to business as usual. Our program addresses that failure directly - and differently.

The Genos 360 EI Coaching program is both focused and supportive, delivering 16 sessions of intensive, individualized development work over a four-to-six-month period (depending on client scheduling and workload.) In contrast to many other assessments, the Genos 360 EI and its coaching modules focus on one specific area that can be shaped to optimize your work environment: behavior. By soliciting the input of people you work with (any combination of managers, peers, direct reports, and/or clients) you create a powerful opportunity to enhance all your working relationships. Your commitment to both the initial opportunity and the ongoing process forms a crucible in which you can turn insight into practice and forge new tools for seeing, understanding, and acting - tools that will last a lifetime.

The post-coaching re-assessment gives an accurate measure of your progress and growth, and is based on real-world observations by yourself and others of what you do now that is more effective than what you did before this developmental work. This measurement of growth is especially important for accountability in 'soft skill' development, an area usually considered to be very difficult to quantify.

After the EI program is complete, using any metric you choose, we can assess the effectiveness of the program in achieving your corporate goals and objectives. You can then judge the value of your investment to you personally, as well as in terms of its contribution to your company's bottom line.

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