Personal Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Personal Emotional Intelligence Coaching

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Emotional Intelligence Equals Interpersonal Effectiveness

I will guide you through a step-by-step coaching and training program that will teach you a new way to recognize and understand your feelings and thoughts, to see how they are affecting your choices and behaviors with yourself and in your relationships. If you can become your most powerful, creative and Authentic Self, then your inner capacity for joy and contentment arises naturally out of your being - just the way you live your life and being who you are - and you will inevitably connect with and influence others in a powerful and positive way. You will learn how to manage yourself differently, how to understand yourself and other people differently, and how to tap your full potential for success and happiness.

How will you and I accomplish that together?

Personal Coaching for Emotional Intelligence Development
Focused on Authentic Being

My 3 Month Program For You:

  • Free 90 minute consultation this is an intake interview to determine your needs, goals and intentions, to discover if we are a good match, and to see if this work is what you want. The focus of this session is to share an outline of the content in my program, and give you a real experience of how I will coach you. This will help you decide whether what I do is right for you, and whether or not you want to move forward into a coaching relationship with me.
    If you wish to set up your complimentary session, please complete and send in my contact form at any time.
  • 90 minute Foundation Session that includes content and process - material such as
    The Cycle of Needs, The Anatomy of Upset, The Nature of Responsibility and Integrity,
    The Four Premises, the Zen Breath Exercise, and so on.
  • Genos EI Behavioral Assessment - (70 questions, 20 minutes, completed online)
  • 90 minute Assessment Debriefing Session where we examine and apply the observations from your Assessment Results
  • One 90 minute EI coaching session per week for 10 weeks based on the Foundation work and the assessment-driven opportunities for development.
  • Option to continue coaching after the 3 month program is complete

My personal EI coaching program is uniquely customized for you specifically within this framework, and delivers 18 hours (twelve 90-minute sessions) of intensive, one-on-one EI developmental work with me spanning 3 months. You and I begin with building awareness through language and new distinctions, assisting you to look inside your life to discover what is, what's so, what's really true for you inside yourself and within your relationships. We then work to develop a new way of taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Based on your new insights and your ownership of the context for your life, we then develop an action plan that will produce the desired results you want for yourself. Over time, the weekly sessions help you turn your insights into new ways of perceiving, thinking and behaving that become permanent, practical ways of being your most powerful, creative and Authentic Self that you bring to every aspect of your life, your work, and to every interaction with others.

What would the benefit be in your life if you :

  • Could easily recognize and understand the difference between your thoughts and your feelings in a new way?
  • Had a language for feelings that enabled you to express yourself more effectively than you do now?
  • Could see deeply into the hearts of others, not only what they feel, but also the underlying causes and motivations for those feelings?
  • Had a process for applying feeling information, from yourself and others, into your decision making and problem solving?
  • Were able to manage your moods and feelings so you are consistently more effective in achieving your goals and objectives than you are now?
  • Were able to support others in managing their moods and feelings so they are consistently more effective in achieving their goals and objectives?
  • Had new methods for influencing others that comes from deeper connection, integrity and compassion (love) rather than from domination and control (fear)?
  • Were able to be truly effective and in command of your own strong feelings such as anger, disappointment, frustration, resentment and stress?

What value would those insights, skills and processes have for you?
How would your life be different than it is now?

Is this program right for you?
I don't know, and only you can say.
So let's have the conversation and find out.

Hours Available:
Monday through Friday - 10 AM to 6 PM - Eastern Time

Contact me by email:
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