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Emotional Intelligence Defined

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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is best defined as the capacity to perceive, understand, express, and manage one's own and others' emotions in an appropriate, professional, and effective manner - both at work and in our personal lives. In the simplest terms, emotional intelligence involves being smart about our feelings and the feelings of others. Think about it - where do we usually get stuck most in life? Almost always it's dealing with our own feelings or the feelings of the people who are most important to us.

Emotions play a large role in how we think and behave, they influence our thoughts and the decisions we make. For example, if we feel negatively about something or someone, then we tend to appraise that event or person negatively and respond accordingly. Emotions also play a large role in our outward displays and behaviours. For example, our emotions help to define our tone of voice, our body language and facial expressions - the content of what we say and do.

Because our emotions influence us in these ways, they play a large role in how we think, communicate, and behave. We need to understand how our emotions influence our our thinking, our decisions, our outward displays and behaviors at home and at work.

There are two pathways for the conversation at this point:

Personal Coaching (which includes individuals, couples and families) and
Professional Coaching (which includes professionals seeking executive, team, and leadership coaching.)

Not surprisingly, each pathway includes many of the outcomes and results for the other - so if you are looking for personal growth and do this work with me, you will also see many of those benefits in your relationships at work - and vice-versa - although to be fair, the executive and leadership program is far more in-depth and extensive in skill-building than the personal coaching program. One of my CEO clients reported (with a deep and twinkling grin) that, while he had initially hired me to build leadership effectiveness and get his executive team in shape, "This stuff works with my wife and kids too!"

Home About Emotional Intelligence Personal Coaching Professional Coaching Connection Parenting Resources Blog Testimonials Contact

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