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Emotional Intelligence


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HR Directors and Senior Executives face a daunting task when surveying the field of emotional intelligence. There are many different models of EI available, and with so much hyperbole and buzz around EI, it's challenging to separate the wheat from the chaff. How does an executive program sponsor or a training director recognize and choose an EI development program that will effectively address their company's needs, be cost effective, provide a measurable ROI, and produce long-term results that meet or exceed their corporate objectives?

We specialize in the development of emotional intelligence (EI) programs tied to specific corporate goals for increasing leadership skills, reducing conflict, increasing retention rates, increasing innovation and maximizing productivity.


Our emotional intelligence programs are easily customized for individual senior executives as well as for executive teams and other leadership groups.

The IQ or intelligence quotient, is an established, familiar concept. Emotional intelligence (EI) is a newer concept, yet is a far more important factor in determining one's success in the workplace- and in life. In fact, research has shown that emotional intelligence accounts for as much as 36% of the variance between average managers and highly successful leaders.


Emotionally Intelligent (high EI) people are accomplished leaders who are self-motivated, focused, productive and collaborative. They earn respect easily, and successfully rally others to cooperate in attaining corporate goals.

Our intention with this web site is to give you the information and resources you need to choose an appropriate and effective emotional intelligence program for your company. We believe, of course, that our EI programs are far more effective than any of the others that are currently available. And while we have significant evidence to back that up, we would prefer that you make that determination on your own.

genoslogo.jpgUtilizing the highly regarded Genos EI model, a second generation 360 assessment developed specifically for the workplace, we deliver a new and unique emotional intelligence enhancement program that is the only one of its kind available in North America.



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